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Manage Calls

Manage Calls application helps you to avoid unwanted Calls/SMS/MMS. This Application will serve you with its multiple options to add the contacts in Black/White List like- Phone Book, Call Log, Message Inbox, Groups or You can add your own contact. You have a single Settings screen to set all the options.

Features :

  • Black List and White List
  • Time Settings
  • Blocking all incoming Calls / SMS
  • Blocking anonymous (private) numbers
  • Blocking by Country Code
  • Blocking by keyword in SMS
  • View logs of blocked Calls / SMS / MMS
  • Recover the blocked SMS using quarantine SMS feature
  • Lightweight and easy to use

And it's absolutely FREE!

Following are the Options which are available in Manage Calls

Manage My List

  • Add contacts to the Black or White List by Tapping on any available Options (Contacts, Call Log, Message Log, Group, Custom)
  • One Tap edit function to change the contact details its Option
  • One Tap delete function to delete a contact from a list
Note : White List will always take priority over Black List for example if you have Added X contact in Black and White both list; it means that the contact is not in Blocked List.


  • Single Tap to turn On / OFF Manage Calls application
  • Time Settings allows you to schedule your black list active timing, here you have three options –
    • Permanent – This is App default option and will keep Black list activated always
    • One Time – This option allow you to set the next time duration when you want your Black list to be activated
    • Periodic- With this option you can set Manage Calls to activate black list in a weekly pattern
  • Call Behaviour - Provides you two Options – Drop Calls [Incoming call be dropped automatically], Silence Call [Will make your phone on silent at the time of incoming call]
  • SMS Behaviour - Provides you two Options – Delete SMS [Delete the SMS permanently], Quarantine SMS [Don’t delete SMS permanently, can be retrieved the Complete message from app LOGS in future]
  • Block All Calls – You can block all calls from any Number
  • Block All SMS – You can block all SMS from any Number
  • Block Calls from Private Number – You can block all calls from a Private/Hidden Number
  • Block SMS from Private Number – You can block all SMS from a Private/Hidden Number
  • Block Country Code – You can block calls from a specific Country
  • Block SMS with Keyword – You can block the SMS with a specific word present in SMS


You can view the details of all blocked Calls/SMS/MMS by Manage Calls. From Quarantine SMS Tab you can view the SMS and also can restore the SMS in your Message Inbox if you want.

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